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Salvaged lumber from farm buildings.
Reclaimed boards and beams are in demand because of the strong interest in rustic design and construction now in America.

In many cases, the farm building that needs dismantling has been owned by a family for many years and they want something good to happen to it (reuse of the old lumber) more than any money they may receive for it.

It may take several weeks to attract an interested buyer for a building take down. There are many factors to selling barn wood that effect the value of any structure to be torn down, such as species, general condition and location also is it standing or half fallen, roof condition, safety, etc.

Some questions that a potential buyer may have are:
old barn wood site
What size is it ? (30x50, 40x60, etc)
Has the electricity been disconnected?
Is there room to work and load with heavy equipment?
Has it been cleared of "stuff" ?
Is the roof intact, is it tin, asphalt or wood shingled, etc.
Are the floors safe for the tear down?
Can the old lumber be salvage?
Are there load restrictions on a bridge or roads to the site?
Constructed of rustic pine or hardwood?
Are beams hand hewn (with an axe) or rough sawn?
What color is the siding, width and length?
Is the lumber square edge, shiplap or t&g?
Have white washed boards? (removes easily)
Can you Email photos?
Do you have directions ?
What is the foundation?
You may sell quickly, but it often will take some time to work through the process of listing the barn for sale, showing it to potential clients and reaching a successful removal.
How much is it worth? Prices vary, but most standing farm buildings are valued in the $300 to $3,000 price range for salvage. Some may qualify to be sold for more. For example, they may contain a large amount of rare lumber, such as chestnut. Some have an interesting history.
Not many will be taken down to be put back up (reassembled) perhaps only 1 or 2 in 1000.
old barn for sale
"You can have it free, if you take it down, haul it away and clean up the site." can be a formula for disappointment, Because: cleanup should be defined in any written agreement to dismantle, also an end date for the task, usually no more than 30 days.
Often, it is better to come to the understanding that there is to be addition work, or cleanup after dismantling and the buyers/ workers have finished and left the site.
**** It may be best to sell with no cleanup and hire someone other than the buyer to finish the site cleanup, or perhaps do it yourself.
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An estimated 3 trillion board feet of lumber has been produced in the U.S. over the last 100 years
and much of it still resides in buildings!
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